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St. Cecilia Parish PSR Program

Welcome the St. Cecilia Roman Catholic PSR Program


Our PSR program, an instruction in Faith and Doctrine for Children, is conducted August to May for ages Kindergarten- 8th grade. The hours are every Sunday, from 9:45a.m. -10:45a.m. (between the 8:30-11:00am Masses). All registered children of the Parish may attend.

The PSR staff helps parents teach the truths of Catholicism. They also help lead children to a deeper faith by fostering a desire in the children to pray and worship God. If you're interested in becoming involved, the PSR program is seeking individuals and families committed to God's will as revealed in Jesus Christ and wanting to share their Faith with children. For more information on how to register your children, please contact Angela Peluso ([email protected]) or the Parish office at 859-363-4311.

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