Bereavement Committee

Bereavement Committee

Our Bereavement Committee is made up of kind and compassionate volunteers who are here to assist those planning a funeral. They provide solace and comfort to those suffering the loss of a loved one and ensure that the reception following a funeral is taken care of. This Corporal Works of Mercy focused committee is truly a vital part of our parish when it comes to hosting funerals.


Services provided:

-Communicate with family to set up details of the reception

-Provide food/drinks as needed per the committee coordinator 

-Assist in serving all beverages and food to mourners on the day

-Assist in set-up and clean-up of the reception

-Of course provide a sympathetic ear to any who may need one on the day


Facts for joining:

-We welcome both men and women to join our group!

-Due to the last minute nature of funerals, we do not expect all of our volunteers to be able to assist at every funeral reception

-In most cases, there is usually a 3-day prior notice for funerals so please do not feel pressured to volunteer if you are not able


Our Bereavement Committee is always looking for new members. If you are a good listener with a caring heart and a couple of good recipes in your arsenal, then this would be the committee for you! For more information or to sign up, please contact the head of our committee, Grace Bay, at bereavement@stcindependence.org.