St. Vincent de Paul

SVDP Mission Statement:
A network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need.” The most important part of our mission is to provide hope to those in need.

SVDP Meetings:
We meet as a team on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (usually for about an hour). We also meet for side projects such as working in our food pantry and replenishing it when we need to. When the holiday season approaches, we tend to meet a little more often in order to work on projects such as the Giving Tree.

During a typical scheduled Tuesday meeting, we open with prayers and share our prayer intentions. Then a Spiritual reading/meditation is presented with discussion, followed by the reading of one of the SVDP Rules.

The meeting then consists of the following:
-Last month's minutes and treasury reports are approved.

-The previous month's Home Visitation Report is given and followed by discussions/suggestions.

-The President reports on district meetings/news/upcoming events

-Food Pantry report is given/reviewed.

-Vice President – Sales Force report follows next. (Sales Force is the computer program that each conference uses to track our case work and hours worked)

-We discuss past cases and encourage each other in trends/how to make decisions /what next steps might be for our current or future cases

-We recognize team members’ birthdays (sometimes with snacks) or milestones such as retirement or anniversaries.

-New Business is brought up and

-We adjourn the meeting with a closing prayer


SVDP Types of Volunteers:
Volunteers are the life force behind the operations of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul. We must continually recruit volunteers to fulfill our mission of helping our neighbors in need. We welcome adults as well as teens. It’s a great way for students to fulfill service hour requirements. Everyone has something to offer, and you are invited to join us with whatever time and God-given talents you wish to donate. (A guardian must accompany any volunteer under the age of 18.)

Our Vincentian volunteers visit the homes of those needing help to offer spiritual, emotional, and material assistance. In-home visits offer personalized care to determine the extent of the need, the validity of the request, and develop a plan to move toward stability. One of our goals is early intervention with the hope of preventing homelessness for our clients.

You can volunteer to be in a rotation of home visits monthly, to work in our Food Pantry, sorting and organizing donations, working on the yearly projects such as the Turkeyfoot trot, coat drive or Christmas Giving Tree.


Interested in Becoming a Volunteer with SVDP?

Please reach out to our Parish Office at 859-363-4311.