Healing Service

Healing Service

There are numerous places in the Bible that instruct us to pray for each other and our needs. Many miracles took place in the Bible through the prayers of others. That is what this healing service is ALL about! We invite all to come and bring others with you who are in need of prayers. Join us in praying with them. Or come by yourself and ask us to pray for anyone needing prayers, lifting them up to God’s grace and mercy.

This is a unique service in the Diocese. No other parish is constructed in this way.

We gather every first Tuesday at the church during the Exposition of the Eucharist from 6:45 am – 8:15pm. During that time, we pray with everyone that comes to the service. We have 2 groups of 3 people near the altar for individuals who ask for prayers for physical, emotional, or spiritual problems. This small group listens to the person and then prays with them. This is entirely confidential and kept private from others hearing what is said in church. This normally takes only a matter of a few minutes. While this is happening there are others in pews that pray in support of those needing prayers. There is also Penance available.

You do not need to let anyone know prior to the service that you want to participate in being prayed with.

Please prayerfully consider joining the Healing Ministry and/or coming to the Healing Service to ask for prayers. Contact Mary Jo Stahl for more information about joining the Ministry at maryjostahl@hotmail.com or 859-282-1050.


If you know of someone dealing with an illness or cancer or addiction or even out of work. Please join us here at St. Cecilia’s healing service on Tuesday evening, May 14th at 7:00pm.  We need to come together as  the body of Christ and pray for each other, just as the bible encourages us to do. Prayer is a powerful way to bring believers together and relieves our anxieties as we turn to God. God Bless!